Vintage Tours arises from a willingness to share the experience of travelling through the places we love in iconic vehicles from the 60s and 70s, that provide a different experience, whether that’s looking for the best spot to surf and share waves with friends, or the discovery – or rediscovery – of special places in our country.

Freedom, culture and friendship is what we’re going to provide in unhurried time … Vintage Tours is a meeting of what we love most in the place we live: inspiring landscapes, surfing every day, locations full of history and of cultural interest, sharing experiences…

:the van

Our VW “loaf of bread”, Portuguese name for these vans, is a 1971 model.

As far as we know, for the best part of its life it was the property of a gentleman resident in the Coimbra area who used to use it to transport people and goods for his farm. It was bought by a young woman from Lisbon who, for various reasons, decided to put it up for sale … It had been stopped for over a year when we came across it on a street in Lisbon. We decided to buy it and add another chapter to its life story.

We dusted it down, resuscitated the engine and went about lovingly restoring its appearance. We like to keep it original, without major changes to its outward appearance, with the aim of keeping it soul alive.


:the car

The 2CV is a product of national origin. It came from the assembly lines of the Citroën factory at Mangualde in the district of Viseu, reportedly stopping in the central area of Alcobaça in the district of Leiria.

About its history, we only know that it was in the habit of getting up a little before the first rays of dawn and quickly headed off to the field to wander about following the many diverse species of birds, in search of the best angle to get a unique photo, something that taking the top down helps with enormously. It’s a European convertible, and while it isn’t all the rage in the grand boulevards, it is along the paths of a free and easy life, and allows us a unique view of the towns, cities and countryside on offer.

Once again, we cleaned it of dust, lined the pockets of a mechanic to revive the engine and not a thing more so as to maintain its original soul …